Hospitality Projects and Furniture

Quality and Safety

Our business philosophy is to protect our client's investments through industry-leading pricing, terms, product quality, customer service, and project delivery.

Feasibility and Knowledge

We value craftsmanship. We employ craftsmen with vast experience and know-how. Each product specified is carefuly analyzed and we take in priority the design purpose and further usability.

Follow Up and Delivery

As a reliable production and sourcing manager for FF&E, we work close with our client, maintaining a critical path schedule during all project. Our job is to provide creative and cost effective solutions, while preserving design ideals.

Flexibility in design

The layout and decoration of a hotel are essential to provide a relaxing environment for your customer. We have the right solution for any kind of project, from the hotel rooms to the restaurant or the bar. We are sure, that you will find the style of furniture and decoration that suits you.
Our teams are attentive to your needs, to build with you the establishment of your dreams!

No project is impossible

Project Source represents a furniture legacy that translates concepts of elegance, luxury, and grace into beautifully crafted furniture for today’s finest hotels and resorts. The path from idea to perfection is born in our passion for Portuguese craftsmanship and the quality we present in each piece. We are a partner in combining beauty and pleasure in unique ways.

"We do projects for any Hotel area, in various styles with endless possibilities"

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